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It hit me in June of 2016.  I wasn’t paying my bills on time.  I couldn’t remember anything.  You see, my husband was my memory.  Anything I needed to remember, no matter how far in time it would be, I would ask Kenny to remind me and he would.  In December of 2015, he passed away.  You talk about a mess.  That was me.  Still is.  I guess that’s for another post.

Anyway, I had never used a planner for home, only work.  I used a planner at work for years.  I would just buy one from Target or Walmart.  It didn’t matter as long as I could write down things I needed to do at work.  Made me feel professional.  We need to meet?  Let me check my planner.

So, here it is June 2016 and I’m not functioning very well.  When you need help you either Google or You Tube, right?  So I searched on You Tube how to use a planner.  One of the first videos that showed up was Elle Fowler’s Planner 101 video.  I clicked on it and my mind was blown.  What the heck was this?  Stickers?  Really?  Man, that looks cool.  I want to do this.  They talked “plan with me’s” and “plan as I go”.  What was this foreign language?  All I can tell you is after watching that video, I was hooked.  I found Ruby Trev and Mandy Dreams (my top two favorite You Tubers).  I learned about traveler’s notebooks.  I learned about WO2P (week on 2 pages) inserts.  All of a sudden I felt life in me and an interest in something again.  I’ll forever be grateful to the planner community for being out there for me to find.

Now, do I forget to pay my bills?  Yes of course.  But I really try not to.  I can go back and find out when events happen in my life and I do remember my appointments.  I can track medicine and if I’m doing my Bible study.

I love using my planner.  I love the planner community.  If you ever decide to search on You Tube for how to use a planner, don’t be surprised if you find out how awesome it is.