I hate putting to do lists in my planner.  If I am unable to accomplish what is on the list, it stares at me accusingly.  It makes me feel guilty.  It makes me feel lazy and it makes me feel bad.

I see other planners all the time adding their ombre heart checklists and marking them off.  Why can’t I do that?  Am I expecting too much?  Am I just doing too little?

See, these are things we shouldn’t feel about our planners.  Planners should help us, not be a reminder of what we didn’t do.  It shouldn’t judge or condemn, yet that is what I feel the to do list in my planner does to me.

What’s the answer?  Well I write in what I did do.  I keep my to do list in a separate notebook or on a piece of paper.  This helps.  I love using my planner, I just don’t want to feel bad every time I look at it.

Tell me how you feel about your to do list in your planner.

Until next time.